The Most Comprehensive Cryptocurrency Tracking Tool in the World

The investigation software connects cryptocurrency transactions to real-world entities, so that organizations can understand their exposure to crypto, monitor transactions, combat crypto crime, and comply with regularly guidelines. 

For use by:


Cryptocurrency Businesses

Use the same compliance solution trusted by the world’s largest cryptocurrency businesses, banks, and law enforcement agencies.


Financial Institutions

Understand your exposure to crypto, monitor ongoing customer activity, and comply with regulatory guidance.


Government Agencies

Understand the real-world entities behind every cryptocurrency transaction and combat serious crimes.

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What is Chainalysis?

Chainalysis is the world’s most comprehensive cryptocurrency investigation and transaction monitoring solution.

How is Chainalysis used?

Chainalysis maps blockchain transactions to real-world entities so that financial institutions, government agencies, and cryptocurrency businesses can detect and investigate suspicious cryptocurrency activity.

Chainalysis also helps financial institutions understand their exposure to crypto, monitor ongoing customer activity, and comply with regulatory guidance.

How does Chainalysis work?

Blockchain transactions are public.  They can be mapped, analyzed, and clustered to link them to terrorist groups, sanctioned entities, darknet markets, ransomware actors, other illicit groups.

What are the benefits?

  • Uses the same compliance solutions trusted by the world’s largest cryptocurrency businesses and banks.
  • Uses the same technology trusted by U.S. federal law enforcement.
  • Relies on the industry’s largest and best data.
  • Produces fully auditable findings that stand up in court.

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ERMProtect is a Chainalysis investigative partner and product re-seller. Fill out the form above to schedule a free demo.

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